This morning’s skincare regimenđź’–

So I was super excited about trying these products! Many people like to stick with the same brand to use on all their skincare routines which is perfectly wonderful, I however like to try an assortment of things since I do reviews. So let’s get started!🌸 First I used Ceramic Slip Cleanser by..yes one of my true favorites, Sunday Riley to gently wash my face. Patted dry and felt like silk. Now… This next product is Literally a facial in a bottle. #TheDrunkenElephant is and absolutely AMAZING brand and was NOT what I was expecting but in a good way! The product I used this morning is called T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial /Facial lissant and is only meant to use one time a week. After you wash your face, you put a thin and even layer of this over your face. Now I’m not going to lie… It tingles Soo much it is a shock to the face but it calms down fairly quickly. You keep it on for 20 min and then rinse with warm water. Your face will look and feel like you just had a professional chemical peel but Soo very worth it! Next I went back to my Sunday Riley  called Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment serum to calm down any dull skin and finish exfoliating the face.. again.. another awesome product! And lastly, #FirstAidBeauty ultra repair cream. This Is a brand I swear by for everything. And anything the skin needs!  So after my somewhat intense morning treatment, this repair cream is the cherry on top for the face. It soothes and heals any irritation or inflammation and the consistency is Oh so soft! So, in all it was a great morning treatment plan and my face looks and feels incredible! Thanks luvs! XOXOECC82192-7A0C-44DB-811A-73A2FF277104


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