Hello Beauties! So today I’m just going to share few things about the pictures and then go into my own version of beauty week day names ..So, first ide like to share the first picture which is me using my new #bitebeauty lipstick in MAPLE. It smells absolutely yummy and I’m in love with the ingredients of all Bite lipsticks, however I do think this color is a bit too red on me ….but…besides that, feels greats, tastes greats, has a bit of a stain to it but I would give it a 7/10.

Next! Ok guys, I’m so excited about this! Jeffree Star has joined with Morphe to make a brush set and I’m DYING over it! I have to get mine ASAP! So I posted a pic to show you what it looks like..he also did beauty blenders! And in PINK!! Yay! So excited so make sure you order yours!

Last for today, I decided to make my owns Beauty Week Day Names😍  nothing that different, just what I want to do.


Monday: Mix it up Monday (mix brands, colors, styles, do your own thing girl!)

Tuesday: Ten product Tuesday (Pick only 10 products you can use) oooooh😝

Wednesday: Pink Wednesday ( Im keep that the same, we have to have a day for PINK!)

Thursday: Throwback Thursday (Thats just another one that is too good to change!)

Friday: Feel Free Friday (whether you want to go natural, makeupless, or put on a face like a goddess, feel free to do whatev..it’s the weekend!)

Saturday: Stunning Saturday (Doll up in your Weekends best and just WOW the shit out of everybody!)

Sunday: Skincare Sunday (A day for relaxation, kick back, do a facial, wear a mask, pamper that face after a long week so you can get ready to start all over! Keep in mind you should always take care of your skin at least at the end of ever day😻)

Ok so that’s it for today, just a fun post day while I’m working on getting some things up and running! Luv you all! Ttys! -Shaina


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